Wahed (UK, Malaysia, KSA)

Project Overview
Our agency collaborated with Wahed, a prominent financial firm, to develop and produce a podcast series aimed at bolstering brand presence and engaging the audience. The primary objectives were to establish Wahed as a thought leader in Islamic finance and ethical investing and to maximize the podcast’s reach across various platforms.

Key Highlights:

  • Content Approach: We balanced informative discussions with a conversational tone to cater to a broad audience, from seasoned investors to newcomers.
  • Guest Lineup: Secured influential experts to enhance credibility and broaden the podcast’s appeal.
  • Production Quality: Ensured a high-quality listening experience through professional production techniques.
  • Distribution Strategy: Released episodes on popular podcast platforms and promoted content on Wahed’s website and social media channels.


The Wahed Podcast exceeded expectations, amassing over 30 million views across platforms, contributing significantly to brand awareness and positive engagement.
Impact on Brand Presence: The podcast solidified Wahed as a trusted source of financial information, fostering a community around ethical investing and Islamic finance.

Video Production, Digital Content Management, Distribution Strategy