Alexander and Paul – Case Study (India, Turkey, Malaysia)

Demo Logo Concept

Alexander & Paul is an Educational Consultancy Agency
Alexander & Paul is a Consultancy Agency located in India. They provide consultation services to their clients including but not limited to; Career Counseling, Corporate trainings, Start-up workshops, life coaching and so on.

They were starting out as a new business and were looking to creating a solid brand identity which would resonate with their target audience.

And they approached us for that.

Here is how we helped them
Meetings and Research
We treat our client’s business as our own. Which is why we make proactive effort to understand;
The people behind the brand
Their History
Their Vision, Mission and values
And so on.
And that’s what we did in their case as well. Using above information we made a creative brief. It helped us understand who they are and what they want to be.

After that we also conducted our own market research for their company to see where they fit in the market. The thing we researched including but not limited to; The location, their target market, their competitors and so on.

Doing the above helped us understand requirements of our client.

Putting The Dots Together
The name Alexander & Paul is derived from the names of the founders; So we decided to go with a logo based on the initials of the founders; A&P.

With that as a basis we came up with a few variations of the logo. This resulted in a modern logo with a styled typeface which is professional and communicates their desired message. Combined with a minimal Orange and black approach which strengthens their professional image even further.

The final Result?
The final design beautifully encases everything which the founders believe in.  Orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, expression and fascination while black represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority.
It’s a logo which clearly reflects the values of the company, and is an identity which we feel confident will help the business grow and succeed.  And best of all?

They love it!


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