ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

We are expert at simplifying business processes and enhancing business performance to drive growth, profitability, and efficiency. Providing business consulting,  implementation and managed services out of our global implementation channel network, Multinational clients trust us to lead global projects with huge complexity including building core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) along with Business Intelligence and other third-party tools in multilingual, multi-legal and high regulatory environments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a one-stop business solution for all. It enables organizations to streamline their business procedures, leading them to the path of success, growth, and evolution. Microsoft Dynamics’ uniquity is identified through its capability of unifying CRM & ERP capabilities into one.  It contains business-ready mobile apps for each organizational department; sales, marketing, finance, project management, field service, manufacturing & distribution, customer service, business analytics and more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables the users to seamlessly collaborate on key business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

        • Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ERP you need for your business. Its exceptional software is adaptable for the business of all sizes. It is the most extensive product for enterprises to run a smart business. The solution lets you run your business efficiently through an extensive functionality for management of operations, human resource, financials, and more. It closes the gap between traditional business activities and demands of the latest market trends – ensuring smart business.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is the bridge between you and your customers. These integrated solutions help you make informed decisions about doing business with your customers. It majorly concerns your sales, marketing, and services, division. Its distinctive features let you build and maintain customer relationship, track engagements, and sales, and deliver actionable insights. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a multifaceted platform where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as great plains, is fundamentally an ERP solution that delivers management capabilities for Financial Management, Human Resource & Payroll Management, Manufacturing, Business Intelligence & Reporting, Project Management, Service Management, and Supply Chain Management. It works with your existing technology to aid your business’s management. A business management solution that’s here to help you achieve maximum productivity.

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI)

        • Business intelligence has the ability to turn your data into meaningful insights, which then move on to become basis for key business decisions. It has the ability to transform your data into timely and relevant information, inferences, and predictions that help your business succeed. Go from data to insights in minutes. Any data, anyway, anywhere. And all in one view.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

        • Microsoft Dynamics NAV, previously known as NAVISION, is easy to adopt Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution scaled to benefit small and medium-sized businesses. Its core functionality serves the need of an SME by automating its sales, purchasing, operations and inventory management. It is popular for its ease of implementation all around the world.

Microsoft HoloLens / Mixed Reality

        • It is essentially a holographic computer built into a headset. It blends real-world and virtual content into hybrid environments giving you an unmatched experience of Mixed reality. It lets you see, hear and interact with digital technology displayed as holograms within an environment, combining physical and digital objects to give you the best experience of Mixed Reality. HoloLens creates highly immersive mixed reality experiences targeting a broad range of Windows 10 devices. Your users will expect you to integrate the latest Windows Mixed Reality headset in your upcoming products & services.

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